Talking Bookdesign

"Let's talk about your book"

Turning your art project into a book isn't always easy. It helps if you can talk about your project, and best with someone who doesn't know anything about the story yet. In this way, ambiguities in your story will emerge the fastest. Such a conversation can take place at any stage of your project:

At the start

You know what your work will be about and you already know what you want to do. You just don't know how to make a coherent story out of it yet. We can help building your storyline.

Half way

You've done quite a bit of work already. Maybe it consists of several parts. You are still missing something that has to combine the separate parts into a strong whole. We can help filling the gaps.

Your work is done

The whole project is done. You've collected all the content that needs to be in your book. Now it's just discussing the design.

Talking about bookdesign